February 2020 Newsletter
Monday,Feb 10, 2020 | 12:02 PM

Dear parents,

All children have had a great beginning to the year, they will be starting their new topics this month and we will be including real life learning experiences for them.

We will be starting up sessions with Super star sport again in the next couple of weeks, they will be providing the children with a variety of sports sessions each term including football, rugby, multi sports and much more!


Firstly, we would like to welcome Florence into the Pear room, she has settled well and is already making great friendships. The children in Pear room have been showing an interest in animals and will focusing on this as their topic for this month. They will be learning to recognise the animals, their sounds and will exploring this through some exciting tuff tray activities.


The children in Plum room have been enjoying learning about ‘People who help us,’ they will be taking part in lots of activities around the Emergency services and developing their role play area into different themes to support their learning. The children have already created a beautiful display of artwork and have already started fixing cars in their new garage!


Cherry and Orange children would like to welcome Eva, Patrick and Alex to their rooms, the children have enjoyed getting involved in learning about Space with their new friends. The children have created their own paper maché planets ready to create a space themed role play area. The children have been excited to learn about where they live and making comparisons between the size and colour of the planets.

Cherry and Orang children will also be focusing on their book of the month

‘Elmer’ where they will be learning about similarities and differences.                                                 






Parent questionnaire



What do you feel the nurseries strengths are?










Do you think there are any improvements the nursery could make? If yes, what are they?










Do you know who your child’s key person is?





Do you feel satisfied with the variety of food on our menus?





Are you happy with the communication between staff and parents? How do you prefer to receive notices? (e.g. Emails, letters, Tapestry)










Any other comments?

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Ofsted Inspections

Ofsted Inspections

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