Parent Partnership

We will work with parents in providing quality care for their children.

  1. All parents are welcome to visit the setting at any times to observe or join in the nursery activities. Parents are encouraged to take part in setting’s activities.
  2. Parents can help celebrate festivals by cooking with the children or just spending time talking about their culture and festivals.
  3. Parents have access to their child’s record and are consulted in respect of the care given through discussion and questionnaires.
  4. Information about setting activities and events is regularly distributed via a monthly newsletter.
  5. Parents are able to view all the policies of the setting at any time.
  6. We encourage parents to feedback to us through completing parent feedback forms and questionnaires of their first impressions of our setting, which is reviewed and taken on board.
  7. Nursery outings/ social events are arranged for both parents, families and children.

What we do

  1. We ask parents to try and establish a good relationship with the staff. Your child’s key worker will give you regular feedback about your child’s progress.
  2. Parents of children under the age of three are given a daily feedback about their child’s day.
  3. Comprehensive written reports are given annually.
  4. We hold open evening for parents. This gives parents an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress and any concerns they may have with their child’s key workers.

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